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Propriétaire Viticulteur - Madiran & Pacherenc du Vic Bilh


 "High environmental value"

HVE Domaine Sergent Madiran.png

the highest certification level for

LOGO_Sergent GRIS.png


 what does that mean ?

The environmental certification of farms has 3 levels, the highest of which is:


"High Environmental Value".


This level of excellence of the environmental recognition system is attributed to farms with:

  • a high level of biodiversity,

  • very low use of inputs,

  • preservation of water resources, 

  • cultural practices and techniques with low environmental impact.


The entire farm is certified, not just the vineyard plots. This implies a farm which preserves, while using them, the natural areas present, both in the plots and around the farm.


a big change for Domaine Sergent ?

We had chosen upon our arrival on the farm to preserve this natural environment which is dear to us, where we grew up and where our children grow up.


Our HVE certification validates and rewards the practices that we have implemented at Domaine Sergent for years.

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