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The Revue du Vin de France - The Good Wine Deals 2016

Our Vineyard Talents in the Spotlight

The ten producers whom we paint in this fifteenth edition have in common the passion of their trade in the service of good wines still accessible to all. These winemakers work the most precious of their capital, their vines according to respectful cultivation and vinification methods. Among these ten favorites, we will discover new winemakers as heirs who have revolutionized the family estate. Their cuvées surprise, detonate, in short, energize a sector that needs it.

Varied terroirs, polished tannins and happy winemakers: it is the alchemy of “all pleasure” wines that we seek for this guide. Wines that leave no one indifferent. Like the winegrowers you will discover.

Antoine Gerbelle and Philippe Maurange


Corinne and Brigitte Dousseau : a standing upright Madiran 

The madiran is reputed to be robust and tannic, in one word "virile". Increasingly occupying the front of the stage, a generation of winemakers backwards from clichés gives birth to this finer wine in tannins, in color, in fruity but also in acidity and alcohol. Today managed by Brigitte and Corinne Dousseau, the Sergent estate - around twenty hectares on Maumusson-Laguian and Saint-Lannes - illustrates this Gascon revival. Their reds are regularly distinguished in our tastings, with a style that is both intense and charming, based on an assertive fruit quality, well-managed aging and an aromatic originality, with menthol tones that would cheaply make us travel antipodes!

Pierre Citerne

Plaisirs du gers 2014

The two Dousseau sisters, Brigitte and Corinne, are the third generation to watch over the destinies of this secular estate, in Maumusson-laguian, since their grandfather created it. They increased it from 15 to 20 hectares, including 3 hectares for whites, and brought it a touch of femininity in the making of wines. They are sensitive in their remarkable Madiran "matured in oak barrels" with delicate and persistent fruity and velvety tannins. On their three Pacherenc cuvées, they do a real job of lacemaking to preserve the aromas as much as possible. The fluffy "tradition", a blend of small and large manseng raised on lees, fresh and fruity, delicate and charming, is the most obvious expression. Elise grains, pure little manseng, harvested at the end of November and vinified in barrels, are concentrated and long in the mouth, with aromas of candied fruit and medlars, and notes of hazelnut and toast. They also make a dry, half composed of small and large manseng raised on lees, with these intense aromas of yellow fruits on a background of woody notes.

Masculine, the Madiran? Le Petit Fûté 2013

Masculine, the Madiran? With Tannat, a virile grape variety, in framework, we can think so. But if the hand that shapes it is feminine, the monolithic vision of this beefy Southwest is undermined because, well behaved, the animal does a work of great finesse ... without departing from its legendary tannic structure. On 20 ha of fully mature vines, Corinne and Brigitte work to magnify this Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh. Which leaves the specialized press indifferent ... A great success for these two sisters who have been able to travel the planet to discover other appellations. An open mind carrying great challenges and recognition, especially during the General Agricultural competition in Paris, with in 2011, in the limelight, the Sergent domain, Madiran 2009, Cuvée matured in oak barrels which obtained the 'Money. Gold, silver and bronze, a shower of medals since 1987.

Terre de Vins

Special issue for South West wines December 2010

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MADIRAN Tradition Cuvée


Dussert Gerber Wine Guide 2017


"... the tannic finesse is mixed with a persistent roundness, a nice finish with smoky notes and overripe wild strawberry ..."


2* Guide Hachette 2014 : 

"Faithful to the appointment, Brigitte and Corinne Dousseau sign two finalist vintages of the coup de coeur, Two remarkable wines, in different styles ..."

1* Guide Hachette 2015 :

"… Matured in vats, a solid, powerful wine with aromas of black fruit and tight tannins…"


2* Guide Hachette 2014 :

"… This one has not experienced the wood and presents a fruity nose, with a touch of liquorice. On the same aromatic line, the mouth appears round and fleshy, supported by coated and melted tannins. A madiran greedy, to drink or to wait three or four years ... "

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MADIRAN Les Noyers


Hachette Wine Guide 2020 : 2 STARS , COUP DE COEUR (FAVORITE)


"... Another great year for the estate: this cuvée, from a plot of Tannat, follows two favorites for the previous vintage. With an intense and brilliant garnet, this 2016 is immediately obvious by its sumptuous nose which opens onto a refined wood with mocha nuances, before deploying a warm fruity range, black fruits jams, kirsch cherry, nuanced with liquorice and menthol. Suave on attack, consistent and fleshy, the mouth unrolls a carpet of tasty tannins with accents of spices and cedar, which underline the long liquorice and minty finish ... A Madiran of character with superb expression ... "


The Revue des vins de France June 2019:

"We enter this wine through the depth of the Tannat. The structure then softens thanks to a crunchy fruit, between cherry and blueberry. A cocoa finish gives it complexity ..."

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MADIRAN Aged in Oak Barrels


Dussert Gerber Wine Guide 2017

"... powerful and dense mouth, with well-melted tannins, a complex bouquet where notes of very ripe red berries and licorice intermingle ..."


The Revue du Vin de France - Special Vintage 2013:

GREAT SUCCESS. "We recognize it by its eucalyptus aromas!" Solid, generous matter, whose fruity sweetness goes beyond the austere profile of the vintage 

 Hachette Wine Guide 2016 :

2** Same reward as for the previous vintage for this tannat aged one year in barrels dressed in a dark color similar to ink. It indulges in flavors of black fruit with brandy (prune), black fruit in jam (blackcurrant, blackberry) and notes of spices, balsamic and eucalyptus. To this complex olfaction responds an ample, fleshy, fatty and full palate, backed by velvety tannins and delicately liquorice. The finish recalls with delight and persistence brandy fruits and sweet spices. A complete and well-constructed wine with a promising future.

Dussert Gerber Wine Guide 2016

"Fleshy as we like them, with very elegant tannins but also very rich, of a beautiful harmony with notes of ripe red fruits

Bettane & Desseauve Wine Guide 2016

15/20  "Wine with singular aromas of wild berry and eucalyptus, very structured in the mouth, virile but fleshy, it will be necessary to give it a little time to calm its ardor"


Revue des Vins de France "Special Vintage 2012" (June 2013): "Very original, menthol and eucalyptus, supple, velvety material, of real depth. He’s almost eyeing Australia… "

2* Hachette Wine Guide 2015 : 

"This pure Tannat has a dense, black color. The nose displays a pleasant woody liquorice, mint and spice. Suave, ample and intense, built on particularly elegant tannins, the palate expresses a very ripe fruit, supported by a refined oak. A well-constructed wine, suitable for aging ... »

Dussert-Gerber Wine Guide 2015: 

PRIZE OF EXCELLENCE  "... of intense color, ample and fragrant, with connotations of violet, blackberry and humus, a very fleshy wine, firm and persistent in the mouth, very good evolution ..."

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Hachette Wine Guide 2020 : 2 stars

“Proposed for a Coup de Coeur, this dry Pacherenc confirms the talent of the winemakers who also shine in Madiran. We like its very fresh and fruity nose, between exotic fruits (lychee, pineapple) and citrus fruits (lemon and grapefruit), nuanced with subtle notes of aging. On the palate, the slightly pearly attack announces a good tension. A liveliness that balances an ample and unctuous matter and gives length to the fruity finish, marked by a buttered and well-melted oak ... "



Hachette Wine Guide 2017 :

“The two mansengs are associated with parity in this dry pacherenc of good intensity: flowers (linden, jasmine), peach, exotic fruits. A frank attack opens on an ample, floral, fruity and woody palate, well balanced between roundness and acidity, energized by a pretty mineral finish. 

Dussert Gerbert Wine Guide 2017:

"... where notes of almond, peach and heather intermingle, is a lively and harmonious wine ..."

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PACHERENC du Vic-Bilh SWEET Cuvée Tradition


Hachette Wine Guide 2020 :

"A little simple but tasty and well constructed, this mellow with aromas of white flowers and yellow fruits (peach, apricot and plum) offers a supple and round mouth, balanced by a lemony finish."


Dussert Gerbert Wine Guide 2017

"... has aromas of almond and citrus, is a very nice wine, complex and round ..."


Dussert-Gerber Wine Guide 201

"... of a beautiful harmony, equal parts of Gros and Petit Manseng, with complex floral notes (rose, acacia ...), persistent and lively on the palate ..."

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PACHERENC du Vic-Bilh SWEET  « Les Grains d'Elise »


Dussert-Gerber Wine Guide 2016

"… Dense, with delicate floral overtones, unctuous mouth, very fatty, with nuances of honey flowers"


Dussert-Gerber Wine Guide 2015

"… Very tasty, with complex floral notes (rose, acacia…), melted in the mouth with a touch of brioche bread…"

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