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wine is terroir

In Madiran, on the borders of Béarn, Bigorre and Gascony, the Domaine Sergent is located in the village of Maumusson, in the Gers, on the "Madiran, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, Béarn" appellation area.


The Domain gently spreads out on a hillside facing South, in the heart of the best plots of the appellation and accounts for 21 hectares of vines of 35 years old on average. 


wine is the mirror of men

Here in Madiran, winemakers won't tell you otherwise since this wine full of character, marked by the original Tannat grape, carries the accent of the men and women who shape it. 


In this vineyard which straddles three departments, one might think that there is no place for women. 

Think again! Domaine Sergent is the embodiment of this mindset change.


For 20 years, the wine has been flowing in the veins of Brigitte and Corinne Dousseau, the worthy descendants of the family domain, who carry out the work that has been so well directed by Gilbert, their father.


Their wines are pampered, cared for, raised and loved as their own children, 

with a feminine touch too ! 

wine is matter

The vineyard is spread over two different terroirs:


SAINT LANNE: this is the hauts côteaux area known to yield great red wines. Clay-based and very stony, characterised by its good water regulation, this soil yields intense, round wines with very ample tannins.

MAUMUSSON: the sub-soil of this terroir, in the heart of the Madiran vineyards, is commonly called "Grepp ground" and considered to be the most characteristic one of the appellation.  This terroir also gives birth to intense, concentrated wines, with generous tannins.

wine is work and patience

Vines are grown in half-hautain and are pruned in simple Guyot.

Once the risk of frost is behind, the vines are disbudded to spread the grapes and limit performance.

After flowering, a manual stripping is performed, followed by green harvesting.

Harvesting usually begins on the first week of October.



We do not own the land, we work, learn and transmit it. We have to take care of it.

At Domaine Sergent, the HVE certification we have just received, rewards our efforts to preserve the land that has been passed on to us.


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